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The real estate market continues to grow in Spain


Buying an apartment in Barcelona remains attractive despite higher prices.

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The property market in Spain is getting better. After six crisis years, house sales increased about 33% between late 2013 and late 2015. Prices are also rising, says the French daily Le Figaro. In Barcelona, the average price per square meter is 3,392 euros (+ 6.4% between 2014 and the end of 2015), 2,820 euros in Madrid (+ 4.7%). compared to 8,327 € / m2 in Paris. Even at an increased price it still remains favorable to buy an apartment in Barcelona compared to other major European cities. The capital of Catalonia attracts many people who love the quality of life. As a hop, Barcelona has great airport access from destinations all over the world, boasts a well-connected train station (AVE in France or in the rest of Spain) and has a developed cruise port.

Girona attracts many foreign buyers (one out of three.)

The recovery of the property market in Spain is also due also to the presence of foreign buyers, insists the Belgian daily Le Soir. Of the 401,000 units sold in 2015, 16% (64,000) were acquired by foreigners (in comparison with only 4.2% in 2009). According to figures from the Spanish government, it is especially the British who buy homes overseas (almost 300,000 Britts live in Spain) with 19% of purchases, followed by the French with 8%, the Germans with 7.6% and the Belgians with 5,7%.

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